Rose Petal Bead Rosaries

The beauty and charm of a rose can be yours in a remembrance to be cherished forever. The hand made process of transforming rose petals into rose beads (each bead is rolled by hand) traces its origins to India, where the devout used them as a counting device while reciting their prayers. Eastern Christian Monks adopted the use of Rose beads in the third century. The process was then passed by word of mouth to nuns and monks. The beads were given official approval in 1520 by Pope Leo X. The term "Rosary" was coined in the fifteenth century; the word '"Rosarium" is the Latin word for '"Rose Garden". The word "Bead" is derived from the Middle English word "Bede" meaning "prayer". Many old Rosaries were made from rose beads, though the scent gradually fades away to a memory, the beads themselves have survived for centuries.

Processing your roses (approx. 12 roses/ rosary) using a natural fermentation with water and no other chemicals or additives will normally take twenty to twenty-six weeks. There are shorter methods but after a few years the beads will start breaking, whereas ours will hold up for a lifetime. The uniqueness of the stones, is that they will have a faint aroma of roses, and a charm that can be appreciated only by visual inspection. The stones are then used in a setting preserved forever in a unique and beautiful way in a Rosary of your choice.

We love our work of creating beautiful remembrances for people that will become keepsakes, cherished for a lifetime. We hope that we can be of service, creating for you a remembrance of your choice.

For each rosary you get to choose both the crucifix and center medal along with either crystal, pearl, or rose bead Our Fathers. Rosaries also come with your choice of white, black, red or blue rosary purse. Chaplet prices range from $49.95 to $54.95. Rosary prices start at $89.95.

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